I am headed to Panama City, Panama to enroll in Spanish school! I have a good friend who is my travel partner. We will attend school for four days, five hours a day at Casco Antiguo. So far, the staff there have been tops! They are so helpful with finding accommodations and making travel recommendations. I can’t wait to improve my Spanish so I can be a better clinician!

One travel tool that I use is the app, Trip List . You can make packing lists and mark off  what you have packed. I save my lists to make packing easier.  For example, I’ve gone on a ski trip for the last two years. I have that packing list saved and it helps me to remember all the little details to pack (gloves, hand warmers, ski goggles). I love using it!

Before I start classes, I’ll visit Boqueta to tour coffee plantations and go look for wildlife! Panama has over 900 species of birds. Binoculars are on my packing list! Stay tuned for trip updates!